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GIMP is an important release from a development point of view. It features changes to the user interface addressing some often received complaints, and a. The current stable release of GIMP is (). Show downloads for GNU/Linux | macOS | Microsoft Windows | All.


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GIMP is in the category of open-source computer software that you can use for free and it permits users to edit images as well as make graphics content. You can download gimp 2. It was designed in by Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis. Users can apply it as a simple paint program or a complete functional graphics design software as per the choice. GIMP 2. It includes amendments to the user interface that deal with some generally received complaints, as well as a tentative integration of GEGL , the graph-based image processing library that brings high bit-depth as well as non-destructive editing to GIMP.

The toolbox menu bar is removed and fused with the image window menu bar. To do this a window called empty image window is introduced. It hosts the menu bar and keeps alive application instances when no images are opened. It also acts as a Drag and Drop target. When opening the first image the empty image window gets transformed into a normal image window, and at the time of closing the last image, that window is transformed empty image window.

With the vacant image window that acts as a natural main window, the default window that points at the Toolbox and Docks has been transformed to Utility window. This lets window managers perform a comparatively better job of managing the GIMP windows, which includes excluding the Toolbox and Docks from the taskbar and making sure that the Toolbox and Docks are above image windows always.

As of today, it is possible to pan beyond the boundary of the image border, making image window navigation less constrained. It is not a problem now to use the brush edge on the edge of an image while zoomed in, and one can transform the canvas to utility windows covering parts of the image window without limitation. The freehand select tool is enhanced for supporting polygonal selections. It also permits the fusion of freehand segments with polygonal segments, editing of segments that presently exist, application of angle-constraints to segments, as well as the normal selection tool operations such as Add and Subtract.

Brush dynamics permits mapping of multiple brush parameters, common at least in size and opacity, to one or more of three input dynamics: pressure, velocity, and random. Velocity and random can be used with a mouse. The Ink tool, which supported velocity earlier, is overhauled and at present handles velocity-dependent painting in a better way.

Brush dynamics have enabled the latest feature in stroking paths. This means that when the stroke is being painted by GIMP, it tells the brush that its pressure, as well as velocity, differ along the length of the stroke.

Pressure commences with zero, ramps up to complete pressure, and further ramps down again to no pressure. Velocity commences from zero and shoots up to full speed by the end of the stroke. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Download GIMP 2.


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By Eva Williams 10 days ago, Software Reviews. Looking for safe Gimp 2. Learn more about free and legal ways to download the program in It is free software that was developed by the GNU project GNU is an open source software license and is very similar to the widely used free Photoshop and Corel Draw software. Unlike Photoshop, however, gimp does not come with a default variety of features. This software download gimp 2.6 windows free users with only little experience download gimp 2.6 windows free image editing, to create professional looking images with little effort.

The name, which is a common acronym for GNU image manipulating program, has many sexual implications, and is a common word used by free who like to use image editing software to make less-than-sexy pictures. Many people use the program to correct and enhance photographs that they may have taken themselves.

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