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Through the application, it is possible to publish photos and make images of strictly square shape. Cyberduck A FTP client with style. Mine,didn’t work on sd card.

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FB uses Osmeta because they bought Osmeta. When viewing a page, click the “plus” button at the top right; as well as options for sharing the relevant image, you will be given the option of sending a message.


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Here is where the PC version shows a strength. The bottom rung of the interface has the same four icons of a home button, the magnifying glass search button, the heart button, and finally your profile.

Home: Brings you to the main Instagram feed where each new scroll introduces a new post on which you can like therefore feeding some algorithm-suggestions about future content you might enjoy , leave a comment, direct message to someone else, or make the post a bookmark. Unfortunately the Windows UI does not work too well here and the search still brings up every result in a single list format.

Great for phones, not for monitors. Drawbacks to Instagram for Windows have to do with its optimization. The developers who ported the mobile app to the desktop version also seemed to not add a single feature; just subtract.

It ought to have a multi-tiled interface that lets you see multiple photos in a tiled format as PC monitors are wider than they are tall. Something along the lines of 4×4 that expand or contract based on how you resize the app. They could also have combined some of the separate features together given a much bigger screen than the mobile phone. Simply put, it feels like the developers copy and pasted Instagram mobile onto the PC and then went to lunch.

The mobile app is still the best way to experience Instagram. It contains all of the features of the app without any of the drawbacks found with the Windows version. Alternative social media applications are of course Facebook and Snapchat that emphasize interactions with people. And every day there seems to be a new take on social media. Vero is considered a main competitor to Instagram as it focuses on an ad-free, user-controlled approach to sharing media.

No social media presence is complete without an Instagram account. It changed the way people shared photographs and built their media persona.

Vine varies-with-device 4. Dribbble 1. Houzz 1. Instragram is a camera smartphone app that has a community so large, it could also be seen as a social network. The community is dedicated to sharing images, meaning that with Instagram, a user can not only take photos but find a quick and convenient way to send their new images to friends.

Yes, the app is completely free to download and install, and comes with no membership or subscription fees. It will be perfect for anybody who wants to jump into a new social media experience without spending any money upfront. In short, if you have a mobile device, it is a safe bet that you will be able to download and install a copy of Instagram. Children under the age of 13 are barred from using the service and will have their accounts deleted.

It will be mostly safe for minors above 13, although there are a few caveats that come with that statement. Although the community forbids pornographic images to be uploaded, a deceitful user may find loopholes to post such images anyway. In short, yes, although the community has taken large steps to fight against these. Bullying and harassment are issues, but it is possible to report or block users who mistreat the service. Well said on the decent user addition.

It’s said this is not an islandwood port, it’s written using FB own language. Totally a nice surprise. Just moved to those 10 mobile and 6 tag doesn’t seem to be updating its live tile. So this is coming at just the right time. Thanks for letting us know. Anyone happen to know why 6 tag is not updating my Windows 10 live tile? I don’t know about that specific issue, but 6tag was made for Windows 8. This may be why it’s not working. I know that Rudy is working on an updated W10 version, and given his reputation I know it will be awesome.

However he is just one person, with quite a few apps, so I understand it takes time. Right now, Rudy Huyn is busy working on the Dropbox app the company hired him a couple of months ago. He will eventually update all his for W10M. Have some patience. Yeah, and this one person also has a full-time job unrelated to WP. I also had the problem with the live tile for 6tag, in the latest updates it was solved.

The trick is to pin your timeline or any other , not just pin the app. I’m having the no live issue as well. Can you please explain how to pin your timeline? And what images does it so? Back in the day it would show random images from instagram. Not really interested in seeing my own pics, their already showing on my photos tile. What I mean is that you can pin anyone’s timeline from inside the app, resulting in a live tile that shows that TL’s new images.

If you just want it to show the pics from those you follow that’s what I meant by your timeline, my bad , instead of just pinning the app icon, pin it from inside the app. That way you’re pinning the photo stream, not the app. I think that’s what I did that made it work. And yeah, I remember back in the WP 8. One was the blue one with the icon, the app tile. The other one was the one I created from inside the app that showed the new images everyone else that I followed was posting.

I hope this helps you. I’ve done that on 6tag pinning from within the app and all that gives me is a tile of the latest picture when I pinned it. It never changes I use 6tag but I had the old insta app pinned for more reliable notifications as well as Creating locations, glad this has finally made it’s way I really hope they will improve scrolling.

It feels like it’s a Silverlight app with the choppy scrolling :. Now, lets get official facebook and twitter apps made for windows 10 on mobile and Ill be a happtly person. Sent through Windows Central app for Windows 10 from my Lumia So recently I picked up a Moto X Pure and I still have my and the differences in the apps that the platforms have in common is astounding. On Windows you still can not approve timeline items and a few other things have to be done on the mobile web.

Instagram works a lot better but I preferred 6tag anyway. Everything about the Windows on a phone platform is superior outside of the thrid party apps. The tiles, contacts, email, and every other phone interaction is better.

I wish there was a midrange windows phone that supported Hey Cortana for a truly hands free experience while I drive. The Primo is a solidly midrange phone. The Lumia is not midrange. The processor is low end.

So I agree that the Jade Primo would be great. I can only imagine what this years MS Build event holds for us. Totally waiting to get a look at the new universal FB Messenger app! If porting is the way forward then I’m all for it More apps should be ported Exciting times ahead Posted from my Lumia high on Windows 10 Mobile. Not working on L Crashes just after app is opened. Any solution? Or should i wait for next update? Try uninstalling it and reinstalling it on the device not the sd card Posted from Windows Central for Windows Move it to the device, wasn’t working on my as it was installed on my SD card.

I also had same issue. Would not open after installing to SD card. OK, trying to install to internal memory. Promoting W10M 8-bit tile art.

Yes, installed on internal memory and now working. Same issue I don’t get it. I’ve been using Instagram on my Lumia for months. Is this a different version? Says in the article. Windows Sorry, it’s Monday Oooooookay then Because a w10 application can’t run on wp 8.

Also because there will be phones out there still running WP8 so you cannot just update the old app. I just dont get it. I have also been using Instagram beta for months.. Follow the link in the article and you will find the other instagram beta application. You can’t just find it in the store because it is still hidden. My link won’t download the app Posted from Windows Central for Windows It’s about to rain and storm apps!!

For me, most news occurs on the week beginning. Almost nothing goes on over the weekend. That’s the most important app for me, i’m happy :. Generally the updates are on the top of the article A pretty big one, too, as an avid Instagram user myself. This is a step in the right direction. Crashes on start on my Install in internal memory. The big question is if you encounter an error will they auto block your account permanently.

That’s what happened when I install the original Instagram Beta. Have you heard anything about the messenger app? Posted from Windows Central for Windows There’s a meta before a beta? Instagram for WP Beta! Coming in even though there was a beta in , but lets pretend that never existed With the official release on in ! What a joke.

Been with windows phone for 3 years now. Giving it a chance after a chance, defending it. Now I’ve realized it’s not worth it. I hate android and IOS, but they are superior. See you windows. It was nice. I might be late or slow, but the shaking thing doesn’t work for me. What am I missing? The store link is not working for me.

Currently running build. Hope it won’t stay in “Beta” like the WP app. Will this always be a beta? Except 6tag is still better. I mean, auto playing videos? Who ever thought that was a good idea?! So do you want an official app, or not? I’m confused. Not when the official app is worse than 3rd party alternatives. The official apps for Twitter, Instagram, and Vine are all bad in various ways. On all platforms, not just Windows. In terms of general userbase, though, it’s this official app that counts.

For most people that would consider moving to Windows 10 Mobile, they’d want official apps at the same standard they are used to. Slightly more hardcore users will then opt for the choice that suits them – which may or may not be third party apps like 6tag. But 6tag didn’t have push notification :p. It’s a Instagram thing. I’m confused [2]. I wonder if Rudy will scale down his development time on 6tag given there will now be an official app.

If I recall correctly, I thought I read at one time he really only develops apps where there is not an official app. He said he Was making 6tag a universal app. I’d prefer 6tag to the official but it’s good to have the official app on board. I recall reading that as well. Hopefully he comes through with it as I do enjoy using 6tag. Your thoughts were not correct,you can develop an app third party provided the official owner allows it. I wasn’t implying that you could not develop a 3rd party app if an official was also available My understanding was he only has “interest” in developing apps where a proper 1st party app is not available.

Given Instagram now appears to be putting effort into their WM10 app. I wonder if he will scale things back? Lol at least they’re showing interest in Windows. Videos in instagram autoplay on Android too. At least for me. AutoPlay is also on 6tag, right? I’m always trying to, actually, groove is buggy as hell listening to music so every time I open 6tag I get a warning that autoplaying a video will stop the music player, so it offers to momentarily turn auto play off.

At least it defaults to the sound off though. Not interested in a company which never updated it’s app for windows 8 or 8. You should try it out, if you like photos and social apps, it’s a good one. Anyway since we have 6tag it’s not as urgent to get a good Instagram app from Instagram. Looks to be a great app finally! It just can’t be any worse than the perpetual beta Instagram had previously on WP 8.

I’m not hip to these apps. I always thought Instagram was like an Uber for weed delivery. Is that like Dial-a-Joint? Or, in this case Text-a-Splif. Omg wat? I suppose you could successfully use it for that lol, but out never crossed my mind.

I just need Windows 10 Mobile release data :D. You’re going to get a thousand people telling you to jump through the hoops and over the hurdles to deal with all the b.

Of the insider preview. I’m with you, but good luck. Zero hoops or hurdles. I think it’s more the fact users should no longer need to use what is at core a beta-testing service just to get Windows Apparently, this week. That’s the latest rumour, anyways. Omg omg omg omg. Is this ported via Project Islandwood? Probably not, an Islandwood port would make it have a Windows 10 look and feel, while this is near identical to the iOS app.

Looks to be using Osmeta, not Islandwood. Who said that? Islandwood ports only have a Windows 10 feels if the developer wants so. This is a port of islandwood and yes, this is the design they are going to use from now on. It wasn’t ported via islandwood. Facebook used their own porting tools.

Will this be an update to W10M users who are using the current 8. No, it’s a new app. You have to find it and download it. When the app is ready, they will update the current one for W10M users only of course. Without him we’d already have a better one in the first place. Not that I’m complaining Microsoft should change it’s name to “Microbeta”. Not Microsoft’s app! I know what you mean. We have beta OS, beta apps. It’s a beta system, really.

Notice that the app ISN’T available for desktop as some thought would be. That’s not necessarily indicative of anything, tbh. Plenty of UWP apps have arrived on one and not the other only to reverse weeks or months later as the app develops.

It makes sense that Instagram would be mobile-prioritizes for what I would hope would be obvious reasons. Regardless, Rudy’s 6tag is supposed to be on both, so there will be options. I mean, assuming that Instagram has any interest in having the service working on desktop which, honestly, I don’t see much of a reason for. Specially if they do the same as they do on iOS where the iPad version of Instagram doesn’t work on landscape which is the default mode on PCs making the entire UX horrendous.

And yes, 6tag will be but that’s an entire different game. We’re talking about the official Instagram app here, which is just an iOS port. Lol “just ios” ports it’s better than nothing, or than lagdroid ports. Both are better than this crapdows I would love and use Instagram on pc every day.

It would save much battery life on my phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android. Instagram is for phones, they haven’t made a desktop app at all, for any platform. They do have a website though! The website is watch only, right? You can’t post pictures through it as far as I know. If they release a w10 desktop version of it, they will probably leave the creating capabilities out.

Only watch, like and comment. Exactly, just watch. For this to be a beta, it’s actually really smooth and nice to use. They do need an option to stop auto-play but if this is indeed an Islandwood port, then that means iOS users don’t have that option either.

I think I’ll still prefer 6tag due to the ability to stop auto-play, hide sponsered post and save pics but I like having a big name official app that’s on par with the other platforms.

Can we upload videos?


Instagram Download ( Latest).


More than anyone, you already know this age of social media. With sustained upgrades, Instagram has pretty cool features starting from capturing and posting photos and videos immediately to uploading multiple photos together, being live with friends, etc. Wait, did I just forget mentioning stories and various filters?

How could I? Capturing tiny stories and uploading them on Instagram is extremely popular indeed. It basically forecasts about where and what are you up to right now? Utilizing the incorporated bunch of features, you can just not only fabricate a stunning photo but also express feelings via perfect stickers.

However, these are not enough for any Instagram addict. What if one would want to download those beautiful uploaded photos, stories or live videos?

Read till the end then. In order to use this modified version, care must be taken to remove an official Instagram client from your smartphone. The setting section is everything where Instagram plus plus distinguishes from the official app. It can be the best choice for any Instagram user as it is stable and the best alternative for any regular user. While it is unavailable for Android devices and Windows. However, the title holds its mean.

Those sponsored posts appearing on your Instagram feed can be restricted and timestamp of posts can be seen easily. In short, it has everything you can ever imagine. Jailbreaking is something that almost every user would want to stay away from. Many apps with additional features will demand to jailbreak iOS devices. Jailbreaking is a complex process and it requires prerequisite knowledge. But there is no absolute requirement of jailbreaking in order to run this app. However, effortless methods are described here with the stepwise guide.

Installing apps on iOS devices was never easy until Cydia Impactor developed. The availability of Cydia Impactor on the major operating system including Windows, Mac, and Linux demonstrates its simplicity.

Step 4: Now connect your iPhone using lightning cable. Make sure you use the original USB cable. Step 5: Open impactor. Step 7: Enter your Apple ID and password on the upcoming screen. It will take a while for sideloading ipa. The screen will be as depicted below. Step 9: You need to trust the recently sideloaded app by clicking on Trust button. In that case, you need to log in to your account from the Apple web portal and generate an app-specific password.

You are requested to watch the video guide provided below. Rooting your Android device is somehow complex requiring unlocking bootloader, installing recovery, flashing SuperSu etc. Step 4: Afterwards, you need to just click on downloaded apk file which will be under Download folder of your storage.

Click on Install button directly. It is now ready to load its amazing features from your app drawer. You heard it absolutely right! This method utilizes Android emulators which creates an environment exactly similar to an Android device and lets you install and run various apps.

There are many Android emulators available for the identical task. But among them, BlueStacks is the most popular one with frequent updates and good support.

However, you can use any of the emulators like Nox, Andy, Memu, Genymotion, etc. The installation process will be similar to the above case. Step 1: Download BlueStacks emulator from here and install it on your computer.

Step 3: Upon clicking on apk file, it will start installing on BlueStacks. However, you can upload apk file from BlueStacks itself. Step 5: Open the app, log in with your Instagram account and you will be using its awesome features. Using these illustrative methods, you can effortlessly download and install Instagram plus plus on your device regardless of iPhone or Android. This is a recommended app which you should undoubtedly try once.

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Within the new layout, there can be a selection between a grid and list view. Share photos and videos to other apps and faster postings.

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