HERE’S THE METHOD AND STRATEGY TO PLAY ONLINE COCKFIGHTING – To be able to win a lot of profits and lots of bonuses, you need a lot of good strategies and methods. Even though gambling is a risky game because losing will feel immediate and make you lose some of your money bets. But of course there are some smart ways that you can do in it, even more so what you are playing is a cockfighting gambling game. A game where the two cocks will fight each other to determine the winner, but in the online cockfighting game that takes place in the Philippines, there are several options that you can choose from. You can also use developing strategies to make choices in it, but here you have to understand well the opportunities that exist. This review will provide tips and strategies to become a smart player in online cockfighting games in order to win continuously.

Strategy #1. Create a Financial Plan
This is the first thing you have to do as a gambling player, it seems trivial but this will certainly have an impact later. Separate your money that is specifically for gambling with money that you will use for everyday life, this is to avoid life difficulties if you later experience defeat. Remember gambling games are not always about winning, professional gambling players also realize this that winning and losing are like coins. Do not burden your daily life to gamble, remember this is a game where the risk is directly proportional to the hope of winning.

If you have separated the money that will be your bankroll in gambling, make a minimum benchmark of the bet you want to place. Try here you also make a playing limit that indicates your bankroll, in the sense that you win or lose. This winning limit is also useful for you so you don’t play continuously which results in defeat later, this defeat limit will also make you stop playing and not look for capital to play at that time. But this will come back to you as a gambler, if you can’t be consistent then you can fall in the game as a loser.

Strategy #2. Understanding Options
In the cockfighting game there are several betting options such as banker, player, draw and BDD, do you as a gambling player understand this? If you haven’t read the terms, fill in online cockfighting first.

Banker options are always subject to discounted fees, try to avoid banker options. The dealer deliberately gives a discount to the banker’s choice so that the player does not choose the banker over and over again. The dealer expects players to prefer players.


Strategy #3. Predicting Based on Experience
This is a good strategy to do with making predictions, for new players it may be a little difficult to do this. This prediction can be made by clearly seeing the chickens that will compete, even if you don’t know the techniques of the competing chickens. You can still find out the type of chicken, because this type of chicken will reduce the nature of the breed of certain types of chickens. Compare the size of the chicken’s body through your smartphone. For example, Bangkok chickens are much larger than Filipino chickens. Besides that, you can also see the odds given by the dealer, this dealer is quite smart, usually the winning chicken will be given low odds so that the winnings are small.