HOW TO GET ONLINE CASINO FOR PAYOUT – Playing casino is not an easy thing to play, let alone to be able to generate a lot of advantages that have been provided. Over the last few months many casinos have not paid out winnings claiming various legal requirements making it impossible for them to payout. More often than not there is no real reason, (legal or otherwise), for online casinos not paying players out.

Mind game

The real reason why casinos won’t pay out winnings is because they expect that players will use the funds, (that they always make available), to play Dice Online again. They hope that between the time you make a payment request and you actually get paid, you will want to gamble again.

I owe money?

Some cash casinos offer bonuses but do not clearly indicate that you need to ‘play’ money before you can cash out.

It makes sense to some extent as it prevents players from simply signing up and cashing in all their bonus money. But unfortunately some casinos take it a step further and actually prevent users from even cashing in on the winnings of the bonus money.

In other words, if you win anything you have no way of cashing it out, (as you will forever have to play every win).

A more common practice is to require players to play at least 10 times the bonus amount, so if you are given $100.00 then you will need to bet, $1,000.00 for example, (even if it is the same bonus money over and over again).

The most reliable casinos will show you how much you can cash out and how much you still need to play before you can cash out.

Casino does not pay, what can be done?

One thing to keep in mind is that online casinos have been known to take sometimes up to 12 weeks before paying out. More often than not you shouldn’t expect any form of payment in less than a week.

Send emails, letters, faxes, some casinos don’t respond to complaints.

If the casino claims that there is some legal reason why they can’t process the payout then just ask them to cite a legal reason with some accessible information, (so you can check it).

Call a site like eCogra, even though they have very limited powers it may prove to be enough to force the casino to issue a payout.