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– How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC – 8 ways

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Tips: To mark multiple pictures, hold on Ctrl key and left-click each item. It allows you to manage and transfer all your data between iOS devices and your computer easily.

4 Free Methods to Transfer iPhone Photos to PC – EaseUS.How to Easily Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows 8


Now you need to know how to copy photos from iPhone to PC using an iCloud alternative. Try CopyTrans Cloudly for free! Then select the folder where you would like to store all your photos on your computer and start downloading.

After you downloaded all your iPhone pics , you can switch off iCloud Photos on your iPhone and remove all your images and videos from icloud. This will free up a lot of storage in your iCloud account and you can even downgrade your iCloud storage plan and pay less. By the way, we have a comprehensive guide on how to download all photos from iCloud. We compared the strengths and weaknesses of all three methods described in this article and created a table for you to decide which one suits you best.

Check it out! Try CopyTrans Cloudly for free. How to move pictures from iPhone to computer without connecting iPhone to PC? You can use iCloud for it. After this, your photos and videos will start uploading to your iCloud. You can check the box next to Download and Keep Originals , if you want to keep the high-resolution original photos and videos on your iPhone, or Optimize iPhone Storage , if you want to store the original photos and videos in iCloud and have space-saving versions on your device i.

After this, log into your iCloud account from your PC, select the iPhone photos you want to download one by one, and click the Download symbol in the top-right corner. Now you can download photos at a time. You can also download them in small batches by sharing entire moments. To select the moment, click on the small plus sign at the right top corner of one of the moments. You can download them to your PC after that. Choose individual photos or select them by moments and add them to your Dropbox.

Now install Dropbox on your computer and open the Dropbox folder you have created from your iPhone. Your iPhone photos will appear there. You can then move pictures from your Dropbox to any folder on your PC. Photos on your iPhone should be picked individually or selected by moments, not in one big batch.

If you have accidentally copied a photo twice, Dropbox does not detect this and creates a duplicate. Google also offers 15GB of storage for free and allows you to transfer photos from iPhone to PC wirelessly. This is how to download photos from iPhone to computer via Google Drive:.

Now you can select photos and upload them to your Google Drive. Then install Google Drive on your computer. Open this folder and find your uploaded pictures in it.

With Google Drive, you cannot select more than 10 photos at once. The photo albums you created on your iPhone will not be imported. There is one more way to transfer iPhone photos to PC: you can send them by email.

This method is very slow though, unless you need to transfer only a few pictures. This method is especially useful if your iPhone is lost or broken. Download CopyTrans Backup Extractor.

Therefore, if you attempt to copy photos selectively, using File Explorer is not a user-friendly solution. If you are going to transfer photos from your iPhone to a PC running Windows 10, there is one more option for you, which is to use Photos. The Photos app is available on PC since Windows 8. It works well to view and manage the photos on your computer and import photos from external devices to your PC.

Step 5. By default, the app will select all the items existing on your device. Uncheck the ones you don’t want to transfer and click “Continue” to start transferring photos from your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus to your computer. If the Windows 10 Photos app is not working , you can follow the related guide to fix it or follow one of the other solutions to get photos off your iPhone 8 to computer. Although both of the methods above help to transfer photos from iPhone 8 to computer for free without any third-party software, they are only workable when it comes to downloading photos and videos from iPhone to computer.

If you want to copy other types of content, like music, ringtones, contacts, and messages, neither File Explorer nor Photos will work. Other than photos and videos, it also supports audio files music, ringtones, voice memos, audiobooks , contacts, messages, books, and podcasts. Step 1.

Connect your iPhone to PC running Windows 7 or later. Then, click the “Next” button to continue. Step 2. As you can see, you can copy other supported files together with photos from your iPhone to PC at once.

Now, click the “Transfer” button to transfer the photos from iPhone to your PC in one-click. If you’ve customized the storage path, find the files there.

If not, you can check them on your desktop. No matter which you prefer, transferring photos all at once or selectively, EaseUS MobiMover will satisfy your needs. The three ways above all require a USB cable to work properly. Is there any wireless solution to transfer photos from iPhone 8 to computer?

Of course, iCloud is one of the choices. Step 6. Download iCloud Photos to your PC. By doing so, you can transfer photos from your iPhone to PC. Importing photos from iPhone to PC is quite easy either with or without a third-party tool. The ways above are also applicable to download photos to PC from an iPhone that is earlier or later than iPhone 8 and transfer photos from iPad or iPod Touch to computer.


How to download pictures from iphone to computer windows 8 free

Once your PC has finished importing the photos, they can be found in folders within your Pictures folder. If you are going to transfer photos from your iPhone to a PC running Windows 10, there is one more option for you, which is to use Photos. This can be accessed through the Start menu. Transfer photos between iPhone and PC, export and import contacts, manage iCloud photos, back up and restore iPhone, and much more…!


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