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MOTHER 4 – For Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Because we’re giving the game away for free, giving supporters “early access” to the Mother 4 is a standalone game available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s virus free, there’s a video on yt showing it somewhere. You should be able to just search “Mother 4 pre-alpha” and a video will pop up. A Mother 4 fan-game has resurfaced and rebranded following years of limbo. was due out as a free download on PC in the summer of


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Wow, this is looks great! I signed up for a 3-month subscription. Zephys said on Nov. It has a vibrant look and адрес страницы very polished feel to it. Quick witted and street smart, this blue collar school boy doesn’t seem to need psychic powers to be an asset.


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Which I like to think I do. But programming it may be easier in a different, more feature-full language, so porting it to another language is a possibility. Having played what we have done of the game constantly, the engine is solid and real. Fiends: A couple people got that mail just now. This looks like it will be one of the best fangames ever. From the clay model in the banner, I thought it was going to have a girl main character. Ah, well.

Still looks cool though. Wow, this is looks great! I love how the environment is actually 3d, instead of just being flat. That was one thing I was disappointment about with Mother 3. The EarthBound fan base has some really dedicated fans! It basically behaves as if their oh-so-fancy GML is just a compiled hacky scripting language with a fancy drag and drop interface. Or it could just be one of those crazy dreams, who knows. Maybe seeing the game in action would change my thoughts.

My only issue is that it is GOOD. And this particular Mother 4 looks good to me. But, like you said, I think we all should wait until we see something for ourselves before we can make an absolute decision on anything. Holy crap, the project actually progressed. I was there when it was just blooming and it was still going slow months ago. Expect good things. Jeez, maybe I DID say something to that effect. I hope it is a long RPG because if not, for me its just a big pile of waste.

Is there an official release date coming up?? Chaisu, I think this game reeks sounds like a good slogan, and if possible, maybe a Japanese patch would be cool too… Anyways, thanks for filling up in Mato!!. Am I the only one who thinks the Mother series is just fine as it stands now?

Still, this is a pretty awesome looking fangame! I was going to put this on starmen. This actually looks great for a fangame so far, I wonder who the Villain is Fassad? Mother Saviour is a good example of a very promising game that got canceled due to too much hype. We appreciate the comments and are taking the criticism to heart as we continue our progress. We are certain we have picked the right direction, and do not plan to stop until this project is finished. While you are a smaller target, attacks and exploits are still out there.

Symantec recently spotted the first Mac botnet in the wild an army of zombie computers used to send spam or execute denial of service attacks — proof positive that you should be running anti-virus software as Apple recommends. Its as simple as that. I sent the game designers an email and asked a few questions, namely if the game is fullscreen and if it will support gamepad control. Essentially, they are taking full advantage of the program and are striving to make this game truly impressive.

I have a good feeling about this. DIY forever! Mato already started it. I say take a break afterwards, Mato. I think it should be Mother 2. Actually, there is a Mother 2. You can read it on Starmen. Though clearly MOTHER inspired, it appears to be almost entirely original in terms of the characters, scenario, and music aside from the presence of the Mr. Saturns and the name of the game.

Plus, I have a feeling that Mr. Itoi deliberately engineered the MOTHER series to allow for faithful fan interpretations and spiritual sequels that are still unique works that can fully belong to their creators. Mother 4 is not a hoax, but it is also not official or endorsed by nintendo. Hey, Every game neads a commercial! An insult to who? Thanks for the compliments on the music, you guys. Means alot.

Hard at work right now. The one thing I fear is that people will truly take this game as canon because Itoi is allowing you guys to do this game,. You really should look at some of the stuff they have showed about the game. Give the game a chance. I always wished in an Earthbound game that the 4th characther is a wizard and does magic instead of PSI. Goods Mr. Other Related Posts:.

Antiaverage said on Nov. Mato said on Nov. Anonymous said on Nov. Dale said on Nov. Iiiiinteresting… thanks for the heads up, I did not know about this. Millhouse said on Nov. Karma said on Nov. I was very excited and happy to hear about this, too…. Then my hopes that this would be any good, were utterly dashed and crushed.

Poe said on Nov. Ginrei said on Nov. Dookie said on Nov. Phones said on Nov. Wicks said on Nov. What of the official Mother series, then? Back in February , our Tom Phillips reported a western release of Mother 3 was finally on the cards for the Wii U Virtual Console , timed for the game’s 10th anniversary, but it was scuppered due to “controversial elements”. This port would have been the first time Mother 3 launched in the west, where Nintendo’s oddball role-playing game series is named as Earthbound and is probably still best known for its representation in Super Smash Bros.

The new Wii U version of Mother 3 arrived right on time in Japan, but Nintendo never officially announced the Wii U version for the west and so never commented on why it never arrived – despite western Wii U re-releases of Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings performing well on the console’s eShop. We want to make Eurogamer better, and that means better for our readers – not for algorithms.

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