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We’ve put together a list of the top ten apps for Windows 8 that wont cost you a penny to install. From apps for movie making, to movie watching; sketching, gaming and apps to help you when you’re programming, all available to download right now, for free.

So long as you can control yourself during a Steam sale these apps should give you endless joy, without hurting your wallet. Apparently in the old days music fans used to go into “shops” and buy music on “records”. How quaint! These days anyone with the Spotify app can access pretty much every piece of music ever recorded. You can use its recommendation engine and your friends’ tastes to find brand new artists and unjustly overlooked oldies alike.

The only downside to the free version is the odd advert. Skype for Windows 8 is available in two forms: as a dedicated modern app, which you can access via the Windows Store, and as a downloadable version for those of us who prefer to spend our time using the Windows Desktop. Both versions offer free Skype-to-Skype messaging, audio and video calling, and you can also use the app to make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles anywhere on Earth. Valve Software’s mighty gaming platform is a fantastic thing.

Steam gives you access to stacks of games as well as mods fan-made modifications that change the way a game plays, or in some cases add whole new levels and downloadable content for games you’ve already got in your library. You can use it in the living room too thanks to the Big Picture mode, which is designed for gaming on your big-screen TV. VLC is a media player that can play pretty much anything and it can do it without having to download a whole bunch of codec packs for audio and video.

Ad-free, spyware-free and completely free, it can take any kind of media, change it and quite possibly put a donk on it too. There are two versions: the familiar VLC app for the desktop, and a modern version. The latter one is still in beta, so you can expect the odd crash, but the desktop version is rock solid and a must-have for anyone who wants to play a range of media files. It’s particularly handy for anybody who needs to write code or sites and test them on lots of different systems, or for anyone who’d like to learn, fiddle with and generally explorer other OSes.

What started as a replacement for the famous and until fairly recently famously rubbish Windows Paint application has become something much more interesting and useful: paint.

Shop now Top apps Featured apps. Essential apps Must-have apps for all your devices. Most popular utility apps Check out these apps and try them now. Best entertainment apps Show all. Spotify Music Free. Netflix Free. Hulu Free. Amazon Prime Video for Windows Free. Amazon Music Free. Crunchyroll Free. Show all. Apps specials Show all. Best selling apps Show all.

Create your own music Show all Compose and mix your original tunes. MuseScore 3 Free. Reading room Show all Kick back with bestsellers, comic books, periodicals, and more.

Audiobooks from Audible Free. VitalSource Bookshelf Free. Wattpad: Free Books and Stories Free. Kobo Books Free.



10 best free apps for Windows 8 and Windows | TechRadar.Download Windows 8 for Windows – Free – Build


The basic Chess Titans is one of the most popular chess games in the world. With this free chess game for Windows PCs, you can have loads of fun with friends and It is This driver package is available for 32 and 64 bit With Windows 8, Microsoft is embracing the tablet world. Windows 8 introduces an optimized interface for touch screens with dedicated apps, it runs faster Skype for Windows 8 brings Skype’s excellent video chat software to Windows 8 with a slick, modern user interface.

With Skype for Windows 8, you can video Internet Explorer 8 is Microsoft’s incredibly popular web browser. Almost everyone has used some version of it, and you can be sure all websites will support This program can no longer be downloaded. FIFA 14 finally arrives free for Windows 8. EA puts the strongest Calculator Free for Windows 8 is a free calculator app for Windows 8 and Windows RT that comes with several elegant backgrounds.

Use smaller tiles to make your start screen more productive as you can see more apps all at once. Bigger tiles show more up to date details. You can glance at the weather forecast without actually opening the application.

The start screen can also adjust to larger resolutions so you have more rows of tiles without needing a huge empty space. The varying sizes of tile apps allow for more convenience in using your mouse or trackpad to navigate. More options to suit you Microsoft also included over different color combinations you can use to personalize your desktop. Desktop apps color coordinate themselves to match the most dominant color in its logo.

You can easily see changes on your desktop without jumping in and out of the PC settings app. Just simply go to the personalization panel in the Charms bar and try to change your wallpaper and see if it looks nice. The updated search function goes beyond the ordinary OS search engine.

It’s now a platform built right unto your computer’s system that allows you to search locally and on the internet for whatever you need. Locating a document using this feature will not only lead you to the file but will also offer you search results from the internet and on your app settings.

Multitasking is also made easier in Windows 8. Switch from one app to the other by simply moving your cursor all the way into the left hand corner, hit click and it leads you to the last app you used.

Computers running on Windows 8 can get a free update to Windows 8. The list of playlists the app offers will hopefully be just right for your mood. Painting programs have long been a part of computing life, but they really came into their own with touchscreen devices. So even if you don’t need something to distract your kids, you should have one, too.

Fresh Paint has a great-looking and intuitive palette with several tools and canvas types on which to paint your masterpiece. If you prefer kicking it old school, there’s always MS Paint. Unlike Spartan Assault, Skulls of the Shogun is a turn-based strategy game that makes no pretense of being serious, or even logical. But it’s free, and it can be useful in a pinch. Mint has proven for years to be an excellent service for keeping an eye on your finances, and its dedicated apps are no different.

Spending can be divvied up into categories — so you’ll know exactly how much you spent on electronics last month — and you can also configure alerts that’ll send you alerts about any abnormal spending.

Great Windows 8 apps you should download right now If you’ve recently picked up a Windows 8 device or are expecting one for the holidays, you’re likely going to be looking for some new apps to try. Kent German Nate Ralph. Kent German. Nate Ralph. Skype The holidays are here: if that means there’s a new gadget running Windows 8 sitting under your tree, then you might find yourself looking for some apps to try.

Price: Free Editors’ note: This slideshow was first published in December , and is updated regularly. Translator Microsoft’s Bing-powered Translator app could prove to be an indispensable tool for travelers looking to overcome language barriers.

News Bento On a tablet in particular, a news aggregation app is essential. Flipboard If you like your news aggregation a bit more social, Flipboard is finally here, having arrived on Windows 8 back in November.

VLC for Windows 8. Dropbox Dropbox for Windows 8 isn’t nearly as useful as its desktop incarnation, but if you’re on a Web-connected Windows 8 device with limited storage space — like the HP Stream 11 — then it’ll definitely be worth a look.

Cocktail Flow allows users to search for drinks by make, style and even color. One of the most popular social sites on the Web, Reddit can often turn users off because of its somewhat complicated user interface.

However, this app simplifies the experience with clearly laid-out categories, well-labeled topics and easy interaction. More: 10 Weirdest Social Networks. Stardock’s Start8 app is the best Windows 8 Start-menu option available. You can also add the Windows 8 Flag to your desktop or any custom image you’d like.

The app lets you change how things such as Run, Control Panel and Documents appear in the Start screen. If you have the latest Xbox, you should use it to its full potential.

Xbox One Smartglass makes this easier by letting you control your Xbox One with your Windows tablet or phone. This app gives you full control over the console’s entertainment features. You can also browse the Web on your TV using your mobile device, as well as track achievements and message friends. More: PS4 vs. While it is a typical “running game” in the style of “Temple Run,” it is graphically one of the best games available, and it’s easy to learn. This combination makes “Minion Rush” a ton of fun to play for users of all ages.

With the Kindle app for Windows 8, you can pin your favorite books right to your Start screen, so you can quickly pick up where you left off. The app also offers a robust search function and lots of customization options. These include background color, font size and the number of reading columns.

As with the Kindle app on other platforms, you can highlight, take notes, and look up definitions and pronunciations. The video-chatting, free conference-calling space is far more crowded now than when Skype entered it.

However, this app is polished and well-integrated with Windows 8. We love how easy it is to snap Skype next to other apps so you can keep chatting while you multitask. You can also easily share files and photos. If you get a message, you’ll see it no matter what you’re doing, even on the lock screen. More: How to Block Someone on Skype. Although Microsoft’s OneDrive is more tightly integrated with Microsoft’s OS, there are millions of Dropbox users who want to be able to access their files from their Windows 8 laptop or tablet.

The Dropbox app lets you browse your stuff, as well as upload, download, and move and rename files and photos. You can also open files from other Windows 8 apps, share content from the Share charm and find your files via the Search charm.

Designed with the Metro theme in mind, Netflix makes it easy to watch great movies and TV shows.


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