PLAYING ONLINE POKER IS MUCH MORE EFFICIENT – We won’t talk about the benefits of playing on the internet before playing offline, but we will see what the pros/cons are, specifically having online poker. Online poker is much more efficient than offline poker. Sessions are shorter and players change very often. Often, a player does not play for more than one to two hours. Online poker players are unable to evaluate their opponent’s playing style, making it difficult to build a reputation in a short period of time. It was impossible to tell when the raise was made by a maniac. It is possible to raise or make it tighter, but it is better for players to drop. You can also react to your actions. A new player should assume that he is at least moderate enough. However, most players will be looking to raise you, so be sure to play your cards carefully.

Another advantage of online poker is that no two opponents can see each other and no real poker chips. Online players don’t have to worry about saving their “poker face” – no need to worry about someone looking at your poker face, sweating their foreheads or shaking hands. Sometimes it is morally more difficult to move chips across the table than clicking the mouse. These factors have a direct impact on the behavior of online poker players, making it more difficult and riskier. Bluffing is more common, leading to slower play, raises, etc.

Online poker players often lose focus on the game. Online poker players often watch TV, talk on the phone, and check email all at once. One person may play two or more tables at once. This is because the player’s attention is diverted to other games. Online players can often only see the table while they are playing. This is not the best way to play.

Online poker is a great way to make the following recommendations.


1. Get rid of all distractions, and you will be able to focus on the game. Your goal is to “break” your opponent faster.

2. Do not rely on appearance, it is impossible to be creative. You shouldn’t assume that your bluff raise won’t be awarded because you played tight for the last hour.

3. Avoid getting too obsessed with poker tricks. You shouldn’t be hooked on poker tricks.

Online poker offers other advantages, not only in terms of psychology but also the possibility of disconnection of players while playing. Most poker rooms allow players to disconnect at will so they don’t lose money. Player cards will not be lost, but players are considered all-in with the total bet amount. Side pots are formed when players go all out. The all-in player can only win that part of the pot. The remaining pot money is divided among the remaining players. Limit 1-2 all-ins per day. If the player uses this opportunity to go all-in when he does not intend to bet a lot of money, he can be turned down all-in.